Happy Easter!

  • Me: Ugh sometimes I really do hate people
  • Kiko: This is why u are my girlfriend hahaha

Twenty two

After a wild and crazy 21st, I’m expecting a calmer 22nd. It’s time to focus on myself.

Sometimes you have to leave people behind in order to grow —— this is something I’ve known for a long time but was in denial about. I was too scared to leave what little comfort I had with some people because I was too afraid to be left alone. I’ve since realized though that there’s no need for me to be scared. I don’t need these people, and they don’t need me. Maybe at some point in the past, we needed each other but that’s just not the case today. People change and it’s either you take them still or let them go. Sometimes you think you know a person.. Until suddenly you don’t. And that’s life.

There’s nothing quite like heartbreak.

I wonder if I can make it around the world as a solo traveller.


:( :( :( 


I no longer find comfort in the arms of people I used to call my friends. You think you know someone… until you don’t. Slowly creeping, this loss takes so much out of you, admittedly. There is no saving what doesn’t want to be saved and there is no crying over spilled milk. What you once knew as home will never be that anymore. All there are there are ghosts.

I don’t like the answers I give to the questions I ask myself.

I am quite lucky
To have you love me

I don’t catch myself
The words escape easily
I have no regrets