For the first time in a long time I actually regret doing something and it weighs so heavily on my heart. I made a bad decision knowing it was a bad decision. I had so many chances to not go down that path but I still did. Even as it was happening, I could already feel the beads of regret growing in me but I chose to ignore them.

I was reckless but not impulsive, which is why I find this worse than my usual shenanigans. My recklessness was thought-out and calculated. I knew exactly what I wanted to happen and how I had to be to make that happen.

Maybe I was impulsive at the end. Choosing to leap into this mess I designed. I could have walked away instead.

I should have walked away.

It’s so hard to keep my feelings from exploding all over the place. I’ve gotta take a chill pill and calm the fuck down.

Angeli, chill out.

Life has been pretty good lately. :) thank you, universe.

"We’re not leaving until you play your music."
“How about you just tell me some stories?”
“We won’t have music?”
“Hmmm, no.”


I want to know you. I want you to want to tell me things. I want you to share secrets, non-secrets and not-so-secret secrets with me. I want to know your story. How did you become the person you are now?

There’s something about you that’s pulling at me. I think there’s so much more to you than how you seem. And I really want to prove myself right.

I hope you let me know you.

I’ve got a crush on someone and it is driving me insane. 

Once I’ve set my mind on something (aka someone), I can (admittedly) get quite… intense. 

Not that I’m a stalker or anything (I haven’t even online stalked my new crush, can you believe?), but I can be relentless until I get to ~know~ someone and am satisfied that I know enough about them to decide whether or not I should really go on continue liking them or not. HAHA

I swear I’m not as sawi as my tumblr suggests.

I am so predictable. Weak-willed, impulsive, fickle. Me, myself and I.

I do bad things even if I know they’re bad for me and I freak out after. Is this a call for attention? But whose attention am I seeking, exactly?


Read between the lines?
My haikus are literal

I am a sad girl

I miss your kisses

I never thought I’d say this:
It’s just not the same