Loving you is a privilege which I am thankful for every day.

Why am I so cynical

now, even hours after we’ve parted, the muffled I love you from inside your car as I walked away is still ringing in my ears.

Self-esteem, where ya at?

I need a new motto

There’s no such thing as living with no regrets but there is always the option to keep moving forward.
I was a fool to think I could shove my regrets to the side and that they would cease to exist. If anything, they only hurt more in the long run. Should’ve faced them head on and forgave myself for my mistakes a long time ago.

I’m getting rid of 80% of the clothes in my closet; yes, 80%, no exaggeration.

I’ve been wearing the same clothes for the past maybe 5 or 6 years. I have some clothes that were given to me but I’ve never worn; I’ve always kept them “just in case” but those moments have never come. 

It’s time for me to “re-brand” myself (wut). Now that I’m a bit older, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to veer away from my usual short shorts get-up. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, at least, to me, but somehow my idea of what is comfortable and what isn’t has changed.

the places we’ve yet to go


the love we’ve yet to give

It’s no wonder that the bus stops along EDSA are congested (or not even used, as people walk along the highway anyway, desperate for a ride home). How can it not be, when there’s only one or two stops per area?

For the Makati area, for example: most of the workers from Makati (which is one of the busiest places in the metro, as it is a central business district) walk along Ayala and Buendia in the vain hopes of trying to catch a bus home. I’ve experienced this quite a few times, both from an outsider and an insider’s perspective. It causes stress not only for the commuters, but even for the people in cars as it causes traffic.

Wouldn’t it be better if there were stops all over Makati, near where people work, where buses would pass by instead? There could be different buses going to different areas. It’s just a thought. That way bus stops are less congested.

Another thing, this bus A, B and C system of the MMDA is not effective. It’s not even being enforced properly. I wonder if a bus system like Singapore’s could work here - there, you can find out the exact time a bus would come to a bus stop. 

I don’t understand why things don’t seem to improve here. I don’t think we have a lack of knowledgeable people around, and even if we did, it wouldn’t take a genius to find out there’s a problem anyway. Just take a drive anywhere in the metro and you will see. I guess it all boils down to the government. There isn’t enough funding put aside for transportation. Also, it is worth noting that all the public transport systems here are privatized.  

Are we content with the way things are? We shouldn’t be.

Sobrang nakakapagod and nakakasuka na ganito dito.

Be humble. Be kind.

Aside from that moment of weakness earlier, I’ve been feeling generally good today. I’m extremely happy for all my friends who have graduated, especially Kiko and Alex.

Also, JP II is now a saint!!! It’s a bit surreal because I knew of him while he was still alive. The other saints I know have been dead for ages. I have a bunch of other things running through my mind but I don’t know what to do about them. So I will go lie down now.